Clients Include:

Kris Mathis has evolved from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, marketing experts, authors and business coaches in the country. Kris is considered by many to be one of the top business leaders and Keynote speakers of his generation.

As a dynamic speaker with over 20 years of experience in business, Kris has shared his “8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream” with people all over the world. Kris is best known for his ability to deliver ready-to-use tools that resonate with students and entry-level employees to small business owners and corporate CEO’s.

Kris’s creative vision and strong knowledge of business and the marketplace has created an international platform that has allowed him to help thousands of people in over 100 countries to define their goals; overcome the obstacles in their path; and then go on to make their dreams a reality! Kris has worked with companies, individuals, non-profits, and other groups all over the country and internationally in the UK., West Africa, and Germany – just to name a few.

In 2012, Kris entered the literary world with his first book From Success to Significance: The 8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream, which tells the story of his awe inspiring journey and the “8 Key Ingredients” that he learned and personally used to achieve his success in life and in business. From Success to Significance has gone on to impact lives all over the world. Kris has been recognized for his success and commitment to others. Kris has been featured and done interviews all over the country. Most recently, in 2020, Kris was featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal for his success in business. Also in 2020, he was named one of the most influential business leaders in Michigan by MPWRD Business Magazine.

Kris started his journey with lint in his pockets and a dream as a kid growing up in poverty surrounded by drugs, gangs, and violence. Since then, Kris has built a multiple successful businesses. To this day, Kris still has a passion for sharing his journey and his “8 Key Ingredients” with Fortune 500’s, small business owners, non-profits, students, and leaders from all sectors of society who are looking to grow and pursue their goals and dreams like never before!